MCI J 4500

Luxury Charter Vehicles for Travel throughout North America

No matter where your business, your organization or your family are headed, National Motor Coach Systems Ltd. has the fleet to get you there safely and reliably. We have a wide range of charter vehicles for transportation throughout Alberta, Canada and the United States. One of our most efficient charter buses is the MCI D 4505, an achievement in comfort and efficiency. This model boasts an array of features, including:

  • ACTIA® ACT 500/501 audio/video system with 5 10” widescreen LCD monitors

  • Interior lighting enhancements

  • Reclining seats

  • Window shades

  • Spacious washroom

  • Air conditioning

  • PA system

  • Panoramic windows

  • 55-seat capacityehicle

Speak to our travel planners today to schedule your next trip in North America with National Motor Coach Systems! charter vehicle. Wi-Fi is available on a bus if requested and based upon availability.

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